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Back waters of Alappuzha

India Tourism Taj Mahal. Usually a 64 km drive from Cochin to Alappuzha in early January will be a exhausting experience. But scenic beauty of Kerala all along NH 47 highway is a mesmerizing .The drizzle that is a part of normal Kerala weather almost through out the year makes the journey even more charming . Alappuzha has a unique history as a port since16th century.

Dalwa Raja Kesavadas said to have made significant contributions towards the development of this town .The Britsh nick named the place “Venice of the East ”. It was during this period the town became center of tourist attraction .”Alappuzha” the term means”Land between sea and rivers joining the sea”. .

India Travel Taj Mahal. Backwaters have always been a tourist attraction in Alappuzha .A one week stay in house boats may cost you dearly but once you are into it you appreciate the cost. Cool nights in the house boats is ideal for romance ,chat and enjoyment. Couples can have very pleasant and private time here. Looking into the darkness lighted by blue moonlit is a refreshing experience. A few may get some new insights about themselves but mostly everyone will have some thing to talk in this atmosphere. A cool breeze pampers you as the boat men take you for a tour of the lake. We can see houses on small islands and natives rowing small boats during day time.

Visit Taj Mahal. Prime Minister Nehru came to see a snake boat race in Allapauzha and was so impressed that he sent Trophy for the race and since then this race is a major tourist attraction every year. Snake boats called Chundanvallams by natives are very prestigious possessions in here. People group under the banner of there own locality names, make teams and row these huge boats in during the race. The competition is so intense that this leads to many heart breaks after the event.

Indias top tourist spot.Back waters are the major asset God has given to this part the world .Besides tourism the natives have coconut and paddy cultivations as a major source of revenue.

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